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Download Page The Venus Factor FREE PDF E-Book

Here you can download The Venus Factor E-Book in PDF format absolutely for FREE. Just click on download button below

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The Venus Factor system is designed to help women loss fat by understanding the biology and metabolism of the body. It also entails having the correct knowledge of a woman’s body and how hormones, physiology and psychology factors work to influence its figure, fitness and structure. The Venus Factor system is mainly based on the fact that metabolic processes in a woman are different from those of men. The main feature with this system is that a woman will slim on the hips, belly, waist and thighs which are often problem areas for them. Depending on the dedication, the body would drastically be transformed in a record 12-week period to an admirable shape and manageable weight. The Venus Factor program will only let one lose weight but in overall the figure of the body will be much more toned. All this would be possible only when you engage in a regime of proper diet and exercise for a period of 12 weeks.

Guiding principles of Venus Factor

In order to benefit more from Venus Factor, you will have to stick to certain guiding principles of the program. Different people will lose weight to different levels depending on the guidelines which they will follow. Here are some of the guiding principles which the program uses to enable women lose weight:

Limit your exposure to “hot button” foods

There are certain foods which contribute towards your weight gain. In the program you will learn about those foods and ways of avoiding them. This will make it very easy for you to lose weight naturally to the desired weight. The program is aimed at equipping women with useful knowledge on the right foods to eat. They will transform positively on their weight loss efforts.

Try cutting soy back to one serving every day or every other day

In order to make it easy for women to lose weight and adapt their bodies to low calories which add less weight to their bodies, the program is designed to guide them on how to cut on calories on a gradual way. This will lead women to losing weight without major complications. If you are looking for a program which will help you lose weight naturally, then you need to consider buying the Venus Factor.

Limit exposure to sugar

Sugar intake contributes to weight gain. In order to get rid of excess fats from your body, you need to make efforts and limit the amount of sugar you consume. The program has guiding principles which you can apply and cut on your sugar consumption in a healthy way. Even if you have been trying to cut on your sugar consumption without success, you will be assured of great success after you decide to embrace the program.

Rotating use of artificial sweeteners

It is hard to do away with natural sweeteners completely, but you will easily rotate the natural sweeteners which will help you in reducing the negative effects of certain food sweeteners. The program has clear tips which you can apply to rotate the artificial sweeteners in your daily diet.

Keep your calorie consumption from beverages as low as possible

Calories from beverages can contribute to your overweight problem. You will be guided on how to get rid of excess calories from beverages. This will lead you to getting rid of excess fats on your body in a natural way. The program has useful tips which you can apply to get just enough calories you need from the beverages. This will make your life easier even if you are a lover of beverages. There are some beverages which have been proved to be very healthy, you will learn about the beverages after you decide to work closely with the program on your weight loss journey.

Eat any form of carbohydrate that you wish

The program will not restrict you on certain types of carbohydrates for you to eat. You will be free to eat all types of carbohydrates but you will be equipped with necessary tips on how to restrict the amount of calories which you will gain from eating different types of carbohydrates. This makes the program easy for you to adhere to because you will have freedom to eat your favorite meals.

70% of your carb sources should come from low calorie density foods (vegetables and fruits/berries).

The program emphasizes on low calorie foods which will enable you lose weight easily. The vegetables and fruits recommended in the program are very helpful in improving the health of women as well as helping in weight loss. You will learn about different types of vegetables and their health benefits to your body. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber which will make it easy for you to feel full for long hence achieve in limiting the amount of food you consume each day. This will impact positively on your weight loss program.

30% of carbs use higher density sources like grains, breads, pastas, baked goods

If you are a lover of higher density sources of food, you will not be restricted into eating foods you do not love. You will still enjoy your favorite foods but the program will offer you guidelines which you will follow to lose weight. The guidelines are very easy for you to follow. You will enjoy the program because it is designed with special consideration on the needs of women bodies. Download The Venus Factor PDF Free ebooks using the button and links above. There are you’ll find more details and information. Have questions? Feel free to ask using comments or contact form.

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